• Interactive Application Development
  • Interactive Education Tool
  • Play System
  • Javascript
  • Unity3D
  • Adobe Illustrator

Design Task

In learning groups, we were asked to use Unity3D to develop a small piece of a much larger educational system to teach students a specific science topic. It was open to any science topic that our groups found interesting but it need to be engaging and informative so a high school aged individual would want to interact and learn from it. More importantly the goal was educate people on something that isn’t common knowledge, that might be easier to implement or socially accept if people understood it better. 

Design Process

Through explorations in factors of the universe, gravity, relationships of molecules and theories of light and color, we came upon sustainable energy. This became our over arching topic that we needed to delve deeper in. We looked at energy sources like:

We explored what were interesting factors about all these processes and decided on Biomass and the creation of Biofuels. We interviewed a PhD student studying in microbiology who works with plant algae to create biofuels to learn more about the process. That gave us the direction we needed to create a prototype of our educational application.



Sustained is an application devised to teach high schoolers about sustainable energy, in particularly biofuels. Our interaction portion of the application teaches students what order the steps of the dehydration process takes place to result in the most efficient known way to make biofuel from biomass. This is done much like a puzzle. They had to drag and drop each of the steps onto the algae biomass to see how it effects it. Because the quantity of Methane and Hexane in the process are still being researched we were unable to include that in the process.

What happens next…

Much like other work, more time would have meant more time to build out the interactions of the process. That being said, I wonder how well the puzzle aspect does in relaying the information to our target audience. Testing would have given us a better idea what kind of interaction would work the best. I would have liked to build one more step in the process to better demonstrate how one moves from 1 interaction to the next.

Picking the process generation you want to learn about
Learning a little about the process before going deeper.
Seeing a map of the process before learning more.
Interaction Demonstration of Dehydration in the Biofuel Process
Playthrough of Sustained