360º Trials

Here are three of my trials using a 360 camera. To the right, the photo, is one that I did during one of the very few snow days in North Carolina in 2017. If you look closely you can see me standing at the top of the hill with the guys friends. I set up a timer, gave this student the camera and then said go. While I feel like doesn’t result in as much of a visceral response from a viewer, I was experimenting action with the camera. It looks cool, interesting, but does it really result in a deeper conversation about sliding…no. It was fun though.

The two videos below are two of my more recent explorations. One feature that I loved about the Keymission is setting up a time-lapse. It provided what I was missing with just a single photo, that motion. In some event like a board game, you wouldn’t want to watch a group of people playing. When you put it into a time-lapse, for me and people I’ve showed it to at least, have a much more engaged response.  I did it again with people screen printing at Hey Monkey in Durham. The car video was me exploring a bit more with movement. Can I have the camera moving and not get sick? For me, yes!  I think this situation works because the relationship between the car and the camera is static. If the camera was moving around more, in a different motion than the car, I think that’s when the motion sickness would set in.

Can 360 video replace every instance where we would consume video? I’m not sure. I feel like it has its limitations and people are still trying to gauge them. I do enjoy seeing what people create and what I can explore. I would like to point out that I put VR and 360 Photo/Video in different categories. And that is because of 360 videos inherent quality of passive consumption and the high interactivity of most VR experiences.

Time lapse of a board game
7 Wonders game play
Driving in the hills of Austin, Texas
While in a 2016 Mazda Miata
Additional Videos